The default layout of the A300-600F in Cargo-Planner has a payload of 143032kg, a volume of 408m3 and a total of 30 ULDs of 4 different types.

Everything about this aircraft is customizable in Cargo-Planner

7 x PMC/P6P - LD

LengthWidthMax HeightPayloadTare
3170 mm2440 mm1626 mm5000 kg120 kg

18 x PMC/P6P - (A300 - SBS 1-9L/R)

LengthWidthMax HeightPayloadTare
3170 mm2240 mm2438 mm5000 kg120 kg

Top Contours

Front LengthFront Height
1200 mm1140 mm

3 x PAG/P1P - (A300 SBS 10-12)

LengthWidthMax HeightPayloadTare
3170 mm2240 mm1900 mm5000 kg120 kg

Top Contours

Left LengthLeft HeightRight LengthRight Height
300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm

2 x LD-3 / AKE

1920 mm1450 mm1620 mm1516 kg

Bottom Contours

Right LengthRight Height
450 mm510 mm

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