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40ft hc with mixed cargoes

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We have been using Cargo-Planner in our busy London hub for the past two years. Our focus has been on improving the efficiency of ULD build planning and the Cargo-Planner tool produces great results through a very user friendly interface

Steven Blunden, Business Change Manager, IAG Cargo

Case study

One of the top 5 largest forwarders in the world conducted a study in the spring of 2020 to evaluate the effects of implementing our tool for air container load planning. The results?

Load factor increased with 2.5%

Higher capacity utilization!

Flown as booked percentage increased by 3%

Higher customer satisfaction!

Why Cargo-Planner?

There are many solutions available today - why should you choose Cargo-Planner as your go to tool for load planning?

The best results

If you want to invest in a load planning tool it is of highest importance you get the best result. Just pick the basic example of loading Standard, non stackable pallets in sea containers. Most solutions will tell you 9 pallets can be fitted in a 20ft DV - ours give you the optimal solution of 10. Can you afford not getting the best results?

Container builder

In Cargo-Planner each container and trailer type can be changed dynamically - which means you can create your own custom containers with custom measurements, axle setups and wall configurations.

Out of Gage cargoes

Cargo-Planner can load over sized cargoes in flat racks, open tops, flatbed trailers and PMC's - showing you how much overhang is used

Interactive integrations

Using our SDK and API will allow you to easily embed an interactive 3D view in your application where the user can walk around the container and study the results on the fly

Before making your decision - please give Cargo-Planner a try!
workspace view with mixed trailers

Easy onboarding, fast adoption

Cargo-Planner is extremely easy to use, and usually doesn't require any training!

Easily modify the loadplans

Convert containers or move around cargoes with your mouse

Share your work

Share your load plans with your clients by URL, PDF or Excel - and give a professional impression


Access your load plans in your phone or tablet

It starts with the packing manifest

With our packlist reader, we are able to parse most Excel lists - no requirement on layout. Easily add cargo specific settings like stackability, allowed rotations, shipment groupings etc.

Then, select what kind of equipment you have available. Use our library with standard units, our public library - or create a container yourself. Now, Cargo-Planner will choose the best combination!

Planning and coordination from the start to the end of the project! Freight here. Freight now. In order to determine the required shipping space and/or container requirements for our projects as precisely as possible in advance, we have been successfully using the CargoPlanner for many years.

Philipp-Christopher Ebbo Schopnie, Managing Director, CargoCrew International GmbH

For whom?


How do we stuff this container? In what order should the cargoes be loaded? Where is the centre of gravity?


How much will this project cost us? How many linear feet / metres is the cargo occupying on the truck?

Air Cargo Handlers

How to pack this ULD? We have 3 PMC slots left for this flight, does the cargo fit?

System Integrators

Does your client need a cargo loading feature in their new WMS / EMS? Using our Rest API makes it really easy. Read more about integrations here


Save money

Load more cargoes in your containers and increase effiency.

Save time

Thousands of cargoes, multiple containers - it usually takes a few seconds to create your load plan

Professional impression

With your logo attached it gives your customers and clients a professional impression

Better documentation

Everything is saved automatically - keep track of past shipments and load plans

During our daily work on executing various projects, we often need to calculate the required equipment for our cargoes from containers to trucks to mafi trailers. By using Cargoplanner we are able to save a lot of time during this part of our work.

Hauke Weidemann, Commercial Manager, F.H. Bertling Logistics GmbH

Cargoplanner is the ultimate tool for us and our clients in optimizing space utilization be it by road, sea, air or breakbulk - a true win-win solution!

Alexander Olsen,Manager, Industrial Projects, Freight Forwarding, GEODIS Sweden AB