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Cargo-Planner is the ultimate tool for us and our clients in optimizing space utilization be it by road, sea, air or breakbulk - a true win-win solution!

Alexander Olsen, Manager, Industrial Projects, Freight Forwarding, GEODIS Sweden AB

Mixed containers

You select what kind of equipment is available from our library - and Cargo-Planner will select the best combination of containers. Which containers gets used are based on factors like used volume, payload and custom rules. You can also assign costs per container type which lets the tool choose the most cost effective setup

/_astro/optimization with mixed containers

Prioritize Center of Gravity

The stability of the container can be improved by prioritizing the Center of Gravity (CoG) when loading your cargoes. This feature will make sure that Center of Gravity will be within 10% from the center of the container.

/_astro/prioritize center of gravity

Load on Flat racks

Do you have Out of Gauge cargoes? With Flat Rack containers, platforms and MAFI's you can load overwidth and overheight cargoes, at the same time as the Centre Of Gravity will be taken into consideration. You can easily create your own custom containers with corner posts and walls. Perfect for Project cargo shipments.

/_astro/flatrack with oversized cargoes

Load on Open tops

Use our Open top containers (or create your own) to load cargoes too tall to be loaded into normal dry van containers. Cargo Planner will automatically select the most appropriate containers. If a container does not have an open roof or open walls, the tool will not load cargoes that cannot be loaded through the provided door size

/_astro/opentop with tall cargoes

Load with pallets

If your cargoes are not palletized, you can select a pallet type and then load your cargoes on pallets before loading them on containers, trailers (or even other pallets!).

You can even load "out of gauge" cargoes on pallets.

/_astro/container with pallets

Breakbulk vessels

You can easily design custom vessels by selecting and combining sets of cargo holds, tween decks and benches. Whether you're transporting heavy machinery or oversized cargo, our software will load all cargoes instantly. Create your breakbulk vessel today with our Set Builder.

/_astro/vessel with tween decks


Save money

Load more cargoes in your containers and increase effiency.

Save time

Thousands of cargoes, multiple containers - it usually takes a few seconds to create your load plan

Professional look

With your logo attached it gives your customers and clients a professional impression


Everything is saved automatically - keep track of past shipments and load plans

Planning and coordination from the start to the end of the project! Freight here. Freight now. In order to determine the required shipping space and/or container requirements for our projects as precisely as possible in advance, we have been successfully using Cargo-Planner for many years.

Philipp-Christopher Ebbo Schopnie, Managing Director, CargoCrew International GmbH