Cargo-Planner Docs

Getting Started

There are multiple ways to find use for Cargo-Planner in your workflow or application. Some methods don’t require any access to our API, but most do.

In order to get access to the API you must first have a valid token. You can create and manage your API tokens in Account settings->API Keys.

Our API is REST-based with a Token authentication. All post input is expected as a body with JSON-content.

Sending your first request is as easy as replacing API_TOKEN in this request:

curl --header "Authorization: Token API_TOKEN"

and our response will look something like

  "count": 1,
  "next": null,
  "previous": null,
  "results": [
      "id": "30ddea3121eb45beb91c1b08cf29bfa4",
      "name": "Just a Loadlist",
      "list_type": "ROAD",
      "created_date": "2022-06-02T15:04:44.037354Z",
      "modified_date": "2022-06-02T15:04:44.037367Z",

We have successfully listed all our existing loadlists. You can find more types of request in Examples.

If you’re looking to integrate Cargo-Planner into your workflow, you can find more information and examples here, and if you wish to include Cargo-Planner within your application or web portal you can find more information here.