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A330 200 2PF

Case study

One of the top 5 largest forwarders in the world conducted a study in the spring of 2020 to evaluate the effects of implementing our tool for air container load planning. The results?

Load factor increased with 2.5%

Higher capacity utilization!

Flown as booked percentage increased by 3%

Higher customer satisfaction!

Working on International Logistics for Touring within the Music Industry, Cargo-Planner has been an exceptional support to me in fine tuning the most suitable Chartered Aircraft when planning tour schedules and ensuring the correct equipment is utilised with precision, to stay competitive and on budget. The team have offered superb assistance through several challenging projects.


Automatic bottom raise

Air pallets can often be utilized more if loading for example empty pallets in the bottom to raise the load and utilize the space above the edges used for attaching the cargo securing nets. Set the automatic bottom spacer property and

pmc p6p with automatic bottom spacer

Winged PMC

Use our winged PMC to see how much cargoes can be loaded if also utilizing the winged area on the lower deck - in combination with the bottom raising feature.

winged pmc 10cm raise

Lower body containers

Air pallets and containers are usually restricted by the shape of the aircraft body, and it can be hard to calculate how to utilize these containers. With Cargo-Planner this is not a problem!

aaf with many layers

Upper body containers

Using contours at the bottom of the containers makes it possible to create lower body containers and the same way for upper body contours. See all the pallets and containers we have available in our Equipment Library.

Create Aircrafts from Load Configurations

Create load configurations based on actual layouts from aircrafts, for example using the number of available upper body and lower body containers. With our soon to be released sets builder you can quickly load whole aircrafts with a click. Perfect for air cargo charterers!


Shipping factor

A shipping factor can be set to calculate the volumetric weight of cargoes which is used to determine the density of the cargo by incorporating both dimensions and weight. The volumetric weight is compared against the package’s actual weight. The heaviest value of these weights is used as the chargeable weight which is considered when loading the cargoes.

chargeable weight

Simplicity, flexibility & performance enhancing - Working with Cargo-Planner has made Airspace Aviation more efficient on planning flights due to the simplicity involved. The flexibility of the Cargo-Planner team working alongside us to create a planner from a vision to a reality is superb and we cannot thank them enough.

Mike Rowe-Eyres, Airspace Aviation Solutions


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