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Stop wasting time and space with manual palletization. Create the ultimate pallet configuration with Cargo-Planners interactive pallet calculator.

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Mixed items

Quickly calculate how much will fit onto a pallet. Cargo-Planner lets you transform Excel lists into a optimized palletization solution in a few clicks. Our solution gives you a 3D view of what our state-of-the-art packing algorithm suggests. Not happy with the results? Moving and re-stacking items is as easy as dragging a box with your mouse.


Out-of-gauge cargo

Do you have Out of Gauge cargoes? No problem! Cargo-Planner let's you select multiple pallet types. If none of them are large enough to fit your cargo, we will load the item with balanced overhang on each side.


Custom pallets & boxes

Our equipment library contains the most common pallet types, such as EU Pallets and GMA Pallets. Do you have specialized and custom equipment? Design your own pallet or box with our Container Builder in a few minutes. We can account for inner walls, multiple floors, frames, doors, contours and more.


See the bigger picture

Cargo-Planner is more than just a palletization calculator. Load your pallets onto sea containers, trucks, trailers, air pallets or even other pallets, to get an understanding of the bigger picture. All modules included.

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Save money

Load more cargoes in your containers and increase effiency.

Save time

Thousands of cargoes, multiple containers - it usually takes a few seconds to create your load plan

Professional look

With your logo attached it gives your customers and clients a professional impression


Everything is saved automatically - keep track of past shipments and load plans