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Multiple Trailer Types

Cargo-Planner comes packed with a large set of pre-made trailers, called the equipment library and lets you pick multiple trailer types to load your cargoes. Our load-planning tool can optimize the utilization of trailers, the cost of shipping, or load them in sets or road trains. It's up to you.

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Custom trailers

With the Container Builder you can create custom trailers. It doesn't matter if it's an extendable Double Drop Trailer, or a custom supertrailer with 8 axles and multiple floors. We have got you covered

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Road trains

With our new Set Builder, our software now supports the creation of configurable road trains. This means that users can easily customize the composition of their road trains by selecting and combining different sets of vehicles to meet their specific needs. Cargo-Planner will load your road train with your transportation requirements in seconds.

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Set destinations on your cargo, and Cargo-Planner will both find the optimal route and set the load order of the trailer so that each stop has easy access to the cargo ready for drop-off.

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Out of Gauge Cargoes

Cargo-Planner can handle out-of-gauge cargoes with ease. It doesn't matter if you have oversized cargoes or requirements on legal weight. Our software will minimize the number of trailers shipped as OoG, to reduce the number permits needed.

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Axle weight limitations

If you have axle weight limitations, you can quickly set these limitations for the front and rear axle groups. Cargo-Planner will then make sure these limits are not exceeded for the generated load plan. The tool will also try to reorganize cargoes on the trailer in order to achieve the highest utilization given the restrictions.

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Pipes, drums and boxes

Cargo-Planner helps you plan different types of cargo, like pipes or drums, and will find the optimized solutions even if you mix types.

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Save money

Load more cargoes in your containers and increase effiency.

Save time

Thousands of cargoes, multiple containers - it usually takes a few seconds to create your load plan

Professional look

With your logo attached it gives your customers and clients a professional impression


Everything is saved automatically - keep track of past shipments and load plans