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Special trailers

For special cargoes you can for example use Step Deck Trailers and Double Drop Trailers... or create your own 8 axle special trailer? You can quickly transform a trailer to another type in the loadplan

loadplan with step deck and drop trailers

Axle weight limitations

If you have axle weight limitations, you can quickly set these limitations for the front and rear axle set. Cargo-Planner will then make sure these limits are not exceeded for the generated load plan

set axle weight limitations for trailers

Legal weight

Enter a legal weight and Cargo-Planner will make sure to break up divisible loads into different trailers

drop trailer with legal weight

Custom trailers

With the Container builder you can create custom trailers. The axle weights are clearly visible - and will be updated when you move cargoes around.

custom superlink trailer with walls


Save money

Load more cargoes in your containers and increase effiency.

Save time

Thousands of cargoes, multiple containers - it usually takes a few seconds to create your load plan

Professional impression

With your logo attached it gives your customers and clients a professional impression

Better documentation

Everything is saved automatically - keep track of past shipments and load plans