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Cargo-Planner at Breakbulk Europe 2023

Erik Törnblom

Erik Törnblom


Cargo-Planner has just been on a tour in the Netherlands. First of we visited the Breakbulk Europe exhibition in Rotterdam. The Breakbulk Europe exhibition is a major event in the logistics industry that focuses on the transportation of project cargo and heavy-lift shipments. It is held annually in various cities across Europe, including Rotterdam, which is a key hub for breakbulk and project cargo operations.

At the exhibition, companies involved in the breakbulk and project cargo sector come together to showcase their services, network with industry professionals, and exchange knowledge and expertise. The event provides a platform for freight forwarders, shipping lines, port operators, logistics providers, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders to connect with potential clients and explore business opportunities.

Around 2016, in the early startup phase of Cargo-Planner we went there to try to promote our software. We steadily grew a user base and we also attended the upcoming years until the pandemic. Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in the field of breakbulk logistics, including advancements in cargo handling techniques, digitization, sustainability, and safety measures. It allows companies to gain visibility, build partnerships, and stay updated on the latest industry innovations.

To make trip even better we were also invited by the customer Tschudi Logistics onboard the wonderful Thalassa for a voyage around the port of Rotterdam. It’s fantastic see the size and activity of the port, and also see some of ou other customers from sea side. Fladderak terminal

We ended the journey by stopping by another customer - Expeditors International, which we have been working with for some years however due to the pandemic we haven’t really had a chance to meet face to face. We got a really nice tour of their great warehouse located at Schiphol - the airport of Amsterdam. It was truly fascinating to see all the activities that takes place and also to see the build ups of the air cargo pallets. Expeditors International at Schiphol

In summary, physically meeting customers at their facilities enables suppliers to establish relationships, understand customer needs, collaborate on customized solutions, address problems effectively, demonstrate commitment, differentiate from competitors, and gather valuable feedback. These advantages contribute to stronger partnerships, increased customer satisfaction, and long-term business success.