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Loading windows on trailers

Erik Törnblom

Erik Törnblom


Our load planning software is used by all sorts of industries, from some of the largest airlines, F1 teams and heavy industries to smaller furniture manufacturers and importers. Each and every industry have their own unique needs and requirements and we aim to make the tool as versatile as possible while still keeping our reputable easy-to-use interface.

We were approached by Graham Architectural Products with an interesting challenge. They are a manufacturer of architectural windows, doors and window wall systems. These windows are loaded on pallets and transported by trailers. However due to the complex and fragile nature of windows, utter care needs to be taken into consideration when loading them on pallets. First of all, the individual window needs to stand up and to support this special pallets are constructed which has a supporting wall which lets the windows lean slightly on these. There are several sizes of these pallets and a challenging operation to decide which window to be loaded on which pallet type. This is where Cargo-Planner come into the picture.

Together with New State Solutions we figured out how to proceed. First off custom pallets were created with the help of the Container Builder. The different pallets were created and with the supporting walls attached to the centerline of the pallet.

Secondly, an integration with our API was made so that the team planning the loads could easily upload the different dimensions through their WMS.

After some fine-tuning and modifications the pipeline was set up, and Cargo-Planner now provides the load planners at Graham Architectural Products with a load plan for each shipment within a few seconds.

A 53 ft trailer with windows loaded on custom built pallets

Our load planning software solution helps companies to optimize their loading process by considering multiple factors such as weight, size, and fragility of the products being transported. In the case of Graham Architectural Products, the software can be used to determine the best pallet type for each individual window based on its size, weight, and fragility. The software will consider factors such as the maximum weight capacity of each pallet, the size of the windows, and the orientation of the windows when determining the best pallet type.

The software can also help to ensure that the windows are loaded securely and efficiently on the pallets to minimize the risk of damage during transit. This can be done by using 3D simulations to visualize the loading process and determine the most optimal placement of windows on each pallet. The software can also generate detailed load plans and loading instructions to ensure that the windows are loaded in the correct orientation and position.

In addition, Cargo-Planner can also help Graham Architectural Products to optimize their transportation operations by reducing the number of pallets needed, reducing the weight of each pallet, and maximizing the utilization of trailer space. This can result in significant cost savings and a more efficient use of resources.

Overall, by using Cargo-Planner, Graham Architectural Products can ensure the safe and efficient transportation of their windows and improve their overall supply chain operations. If you are in the glazing and fenestration industry please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or start your trial today!