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The launch of BoxLoading.com

Anton Gerdes

Anton Gerdes

Senior Developer

We are proud to present our new sister company BoxLoading.com! It is a more API-focused product aiming to serve the e-commerce market, with its main focus being on box selection for each order.

A few quick reasons why it’s important to select the right box to load in:

1. Cost

One of the main benefits of using a smaller box is that it will likely cost less to ship. The cost of shipping is often based on the size and weight of the package, so using a smaller box can help reduce the overall cost of shipping.

2. Environmental Impact

Using a smaller box can also have a positive impact on the environment. It takes less material to make a smaller box, and it takes up less space in a shipping truck or airplane, which can help reduce carbon emissions.

3. Handling

Items packaged in smaller boxes are generally easier to handle. They are less likely to become damaged during shipping and are easier to move around in warehouses and other storage facilities.

4. Effectiveness

When knowing what box to use before the packaging begins, the operator does not have to do any guesswork and reduces the chances of having to re-pack any order.

5. Shipping Damage

On the other hand, Using a smaller box can also increase the risk of damage to the item being shipped. If the item is not packaged properly, it may move around inside the box and become damaged during shipping. This is particularly a concern for fragile items. BoxLoading lets you specify how much cushioning is needed for an item, to minimize the risk of damage.

BoxLoading is here to solve these problems. It’s also designed for direct integration with online retail, with low latency, fast responses and accurate results. And being based on the Cargo-Planner loading engine, it has the benefit of being based on a proven algorithm.