LD-1 / AKC

The inner size of a LD-1 / AKC is 2330mm x 1530mm x 1620mm (LxWxH) which gives a total loading volume of 5 m3.

A LD-1 / AKC has a default maximum payload of 1588kg. Depending on your use case or specific ULD this might vary and is easy to change.

Every aspect of the ULD, from lengths to contours, is of course customizable in Cargo-Planner.

Inner Dimensions

2330 mm1530 mm1620 mm

Approx. Weights

1588 kg

Bottom Contours

Right LengthRight Height
770 mm900 mm

Ship less air. Waste less time.
Let Cargo-Planner calculate how to fill your LD-1 / AKC.