Cargo-Planner Docs


How can I authenticate?

We support both API keys and JWT based tokens

Do you have an integration example app

Yes we do! Please go here to see a some integration examples. It’s written in .NET 6 - but the principles should be applicable to any language and framework

Do you have an integration with our System XYZ?

While we do not provide any “ready-made”, click-on-a-button integrations - using our open Rest API you should be able to connect the API to virtually anything. We have clients that have been able to connect our API to SAP in a matter of hours.

What result am I expected to get?

JSON formatted data, as well as optionally base64 encoded images

What’s in the result?

That depends! If you want to you can get a detailed response consisting of each container used and the position of each cargo loaded. This is useful if you would like to use our SDK to render the results for you. You can also get a summary of the result describing the the number of containers used and their utilization rate.

You can also get an image of each container, or download the result as a PDF file

How long does a typical request take?

It depends again, mainly on the number of cargoes to be loaded. Usually you’ll have a result within a second!

If you also would like to get images or a PDF in the response - it will take additionally a few seconds.

If response time is a key feature for your integration, we can enable dedicated render services for your integration which drastically reduces the response times. This comes at an extra cost (currently €100/month).