Cargo-Planner Docs


Do you support Imperial units?

Yes, go to Preferences to read more

I do not have a fixed amount of items - I just want to check how many items I can load?

No problem, just use the Quantity column

Is there a way to enter “filler” items - items that I want to fill out any empty space with?

Same as above, have a look at the Quantity column

I have some Dangerous goods or special loading rules, how can I enter them?

When loading Dangerous goods there might be some special restrictions like which cargoes can be loaded together with others. Then have a look at this load setting

Why does not the XXDV container have the correct dimensions?

Each container producer and shipping line has their own “specification” which can vary slightly compared to the standard. If you do not agree with the system library, then clone the container and create your own version

Why does the tool not stack my cargoes?

This might happen if you have an open container (meaning no roof) - and at the same time not set the Max Loading Height property (which will default to 0)

Why do I get the message “Items cannot be fitted into provided containers”? / Why can’t I create a load plan?

This might happen for several reasons:

  • The cargoes are too large for the selected containers. Let’s say you have selected 20ft and 40ft containers and all your cargoes has a width of at least 240cm. These cargoes are too wide the 20ft and 40ft containers so you need to add a larger container to the mix or one that can handle out of gauge. The same will happen when cargoes are too long or too tall. If the containers you have selected also has the door property set which is smaller than the cargoes you will also receive this message.
  • The cargoes are too heavy for the selected containers. Maybe the payload of your container is 20 000 kg and the weight of each cargo is 22 000kg - then these cargoes cannot be fit due to weight restrictions

Quite often this is due to wrong dimensions. Lets say that you enter a cargo that is 1200 x 800 x 1000, which most likely should be mm, but by mistake you select cm. Then the tool think this is a 12m big piece which might not fit into the selected containers.

Why does your logo contain some empty space?

The layout is still the most optimal! :)