Cargo-Planner Docs


In your account view (Found in the upper right menu) you can change some defaults:

User specific preferences

Length / Weight unit

You can change which length and weight unit you want to use when displaying and entering lengths and weights. If you are used to imperial units - change the Length unit to “IN” and weight unit to “LB”

Default data length / weight unit

When creating new load lists you have to select which dimension the provided numbers are in. Even though you use for example CM / KG as your length and weight units, you might receive a packing manifest containing data in IN / LB. However, if the layout of the data is always the same, it can be tiresome to select the same dimensions every time - and this is what those settings are for!

Default graphics view

The Default view will determine which perspective you want by default when showing the graphics for a container. Maybe you prefer to see the containers from the side instead?

Auto assign colors to consignments

If you have for example 10 item lines that belongs to the same consignment you might whish that all those cargoes has the same colors to easier distinguish different shipments / consignments.

Hide labels on cargoes

Use this setting to hide all labels on the cargoes. The labels are sometimes not necessary and a more visually appealing look can be provided by hiding the text.

Cargo labels

Customize the cargo labels to suit your preferences. By default, the cargo name will be printed on each cargo. You have the option to select additional labels to display as needed.

Selected cargo labels Cargo labels displayed on cargo Here is an example demonstrating the display of cargo name, group/consignment and dimensions on a cargo.