Cargo-Planner Docs


It is always great to be able to organize your work.

By default a load list will be created without a project. The more load lists you create the more challenging it can be to find the list you are looking for. It is therefore advisable to create projects. In this case we will create a project for our customer Acme Inc, and all our load lists we create for this customer will be put in this project.

We create a new project by pressing the + sign in the top of the Projects panel. If you cannot see the panel, click the icon with the folders in the top left to open it.

New project

We give it a name, “Acme Inc”.

There is also a “Private” option. By default - all load lists you create will be visible by the other team members. If you set a project to be private - they will only be visible to you and not to your other team members. Let us set this one to private.

New private project

As we can see the new project has been created for us and it has a lock which means it’s private. When you create a new load plan - that new list will be created in the “Acme Inc” project.

You can move load lists between different projects by using the drag and drop function, simply click on a load list while holding your mouse button down and drag it to the designated project.

Recurring shipments

If you have a shipment going out on a fixed schedule, you will find recurring shipments very useful.

Let’s say we have a truck with an EU Box Trailer driving from Malmö to Rome twice a week, we can set this up with a recurring shipment.

Recurring project setup

Here we have filled in the default list type, and a default preset containing a Box Trailer (EU). To create the schedule we’ve typed every week on Tuesday and Thursday in the Recurring field.

Once we’ve Saved our Malmö->Rome project, we can open it up and switch to the Calendar tab near the top. Clicking one of the dashed dates let’s you create that loadlist with the correct preset.

Calendar in a recurring project

Once we’re in a project with a schedule we can navigate between the different dates directly.

Cargoes in a recurring project

We can also move cargoes from one day to another by highlighting a few rows, right-clicking and selecting Move to loadlist… This opens the calendar for the project and let’s you change the date of the cargo.

Moving cargoes between dates