Cargo-Planner Docs

The interactive 3D view

The interactive view is very useful when you want to study a container more in detail, but also when you want to modify the load plan. In this guide we will get to know this very useful view!

You enter the interactive view from the 3. Workspace view by clicking on the 3D image of a container. Entering the interactive view

This is how the interactive view look like:

The interactive view

You can use the mouse to move around the camera as well as zoom in and out.

We will now show you some useful functions:

Toggle perspectives

You can easily toggle the perspectives of the camera by clicking on the camera button or using the 1 Changing perspective

Search for a cargo

If you want to know where a specific cargo is located in a container you can click on the button with a magnifier glass and enter the name of the cargo. It will then be shown on the others will be faded out Search for a cargo

Measure tape

Click on the measure tape button and select two points to measure the distance between Measure tape

Interacting with cargoes

In order to interact with a cargo you need to select it. You can do this in different ways.

  • The easiest way is by clicking on it with your mouse. You will notice the cargo gets highlighted in different colors when it is either hovered over with the mouse or selected.
  • You can also use your keyboard which can sometimes be easier. Do this by using the Tab key to toggle between different cargoes, then press Enter to select it
  • Press Ctrl+a to select all cargoes
  • Using the “Select all” button in the toolbar

You de-select a cargo by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard or clicking on it again

Move a cargo with the mouse

When a cargo is selected you can use your mouse to “drag” the cargo around and place it at the destination you want.

The current camera perspective decides which directions the cargo can be moved in. To move a cargo horizontally it is recommended to use a top view

You can select multiple cargoes by pressing the Ctrl button while clicking Move a cargo

Move a cargo with snap points

The “snap” function is used to move a cargo from one position to another using snap points. Snap points consists of a start point and an end point.

New! The toggle switch to move cargoes is now gone. The snap points are now visible if you move the mouse cursor to any of the bottom corners of a selected cargo - automatically.

Move a cargo with snap points

Move a cargo with the keyboard

When cargo(s) are selected you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move. The arrow keys will always move a cargo horizontally. If you want to move a cargo upwards vertically you can press the Space key.

Rotate a cargo

You can rotate a cargo in any direction by clicking on the cargo rotate button


If you have done a cargo operation you regret you can click on the undo button to move it to its previous position

Center of Gravity

You might have noticed a circular symbol inside the container in black and white. This is the Center of Gravity and is based on each position and weights of the individual cargoes. Moving a cargo will also change the Center Of Gravity.