Cargo-Planner Docs

Load plan sharing

Even though downloading the Load plan as an Excel or PDF file might be enough, sharing a load plan with your clients can also be done in an easier way.

When you share a Load plan, you will get a URL which you can then send to your client / customer / warehouse. They will then be able to open the particular load plan in their browser without logging in. With your logo attached to it, it will give you a nice impression and also hopefully reduce the paper waste generated from endless printouts.

In the load plan view, you will see a “share” icon next to the load plan name Load plan header Click on this button and you will be shown the sharing dialog:

Sharing dialog

All lists created will have sharing disabled by default. Public access

Public access

There are three different sharing modes:


The load plan is not shared and cannot be accessed through the sharing URL

Read only

The load plan can be accessed through the sharing URL but any modifications will not be saved

Read and Write

The load plan can be accessed and any modifications will be saved

Use cases


Forwarders might have use for load plan sharing when they want to present a proposed load plan for their customers, in big projects for example. Or maybe send the result to the warehouse to give them an idea on which cargoes belong to which containers?


As a shipper you might have some customers which orders goods from you on a continuous basis, however they do not want to order a container which is not utilized to its maximum. You can then create a “standing” load plan for each of your clients and they can fill it up as they want to and you have one place to gather all your clients shipping needs.