Cargo-Planner Docs

Load plan view settings

The content of a load plan and how its displayed can be configured under VIEW SETTINGS.

Loadplan view settings

View settings

Simple mode

This option will show a more compact load plan with basic information for each container.

Loadplan view settings - simple mode.

Show ruler

This option will add a ruler with ticks to indicate the dimensions of the container.

Loadplan view settings - show ruler.

Group similar containers

This option will group containers that are loaded identically. The ID of the start and the end containers are shown next to the container type.

Loadplan view settings - group similar containers

Show load instructions

This option will show step by step instructions of how to load the container packages.

Loadplan view settings - show load instructions

Loadplan view settings - show load instructions

This option will add the company’s logo as a watermark when printing or saving as PDF.

Loadplan view settings - print with company watermark

Show metric dimensions

This option will add length and weight in metric dimensions to the container info table.

Loadplan view settings - show metric dimensions

Show quotations

This option will let the user set quotation on containers. Multiple quotations can be set at once in the quotation dialog.

Loadplan view settings - quotation button Loadplan view settings - quotation dialog The preferred currency and a default quotation for each container type can be set in the dialog.

It is also possible to set the quotation for each individual container by filling in the quotation field. Loadplan view settings - quotation field