Cargo-Planner Docs

Modifying a load plan

Even though Cargo-Planner usually creates good to go load plans you might sometimes need to change and modify the generated result. Maybe your customer has special requirements of the chosen containers and cargo positions. That is why we have made it extremely easy to do that in Cargo-Planner.

Let us use the load plan we generated in Creating a load plan:

Load plan

If we inspect one of the containers, container number 4 we see that there is a big cargo which we would rather not load in a 40 ft HC but use a Flatrack instead.

Too big cargo in a 40ft Highcube

The first thing we do is to change this container. In the Workspace view we select the container and then change the container to a Flatrack instead:

Changing a container type

Great, it is now a flat rack container instead. However, there is a small box there, item “26” which we want to load into the 20ft container instead which looks like it has some room left: 20ft-with-one-cargo

We then go to the Interactive view, click on the box and press the unload button. You can also unload selected cargo(s) by pressing the Del or Backspace button. The cargo is then popped up in the “Unloaded items” view meaning it is not currently loaded into any container. We then go back and enter the interactive view of the 20ft container and open up the unloaded items view and use our mouse to drag the item into the container: Moving a cargo from one container to another

For some reason, we also want to move some of the cargoes from container no. 6 to the 20ft DV. We unload the cargoes from the container in the same as as before, but this time we load the 20ft container from the Workspace view directly instead: Load cargoes from workspace view

In similar ways you can create and delete containers from the load plan. This gives you the freedom to modify the result according to your preferences.

If you often need to move cargoes inside a container or between containers we suggest that you instead use The planner view, which has been created to simplify loading and moving cargoes. Planner view option